What is adwords?

Your business may be at your customers’ fingertips. Thanks to the Google Adwords advertising system (Ads), which allows you to get a huge range and  reach a much larger number of potential customers. Adwords allows you to direct your ad precisely, which means you have an influence on where and when your ad will be displayed. Google Ads allows you to immediately start a campaign, which can also be a promotional campaign or a seasonal offer. Thanks to sponsored links, you can easily generate traffic that is right for you.

Where will we get?

We encounter Google Adwards ads every day when surfing the Internet. The presentation of sponsored links by the Google ™ search engine takes place in two ways - above standard search results and, in the case of extremely popular phrases, under standard search results. The place where the links will be displayed depends on the budget allocated to the advertising campaign. This advertising system allows for the display of text, image and video advertisements posted on YouTube. Thanks to the latter form, we reach a huge group of website users at a relatively low cost. Another form is Google Sponsored Promotion campaigns. This means advertising targeted at Gmail users, may be sent in the form of a newsletter or displayed at the top of the mailbox.

We will reach:



Google search results

Partners’ websites

Accounting for campaigns

The fee in the campaign is charged per click on the advertisement and not for the display of the advertisement itself, which allows to rationally monitor the campaign budget and have full control over it.

Campaign monitoring

For a campaign to be successful, simply setting it up is not enough. You need to update the database of keywords, negative phrases, ad matching and many other settings on a regular basis. In addition, each campaign should be integrated with a Google Analystics account, which enables constant monitoring of the campaign’s operation and introducing modifications in order to achieve the best results.

The advantages of Google Ads

When properly used, they are an ideal form of advertising supporting other advertising activities on the web.


You decide how long

The campaign can last 1 week or many months

Precision of operation

We can choose the target audience

You decide what budget

The campaign can have a budget that we set ourselves

Instant effects

The creation and activation of the campaign takes up to 24h

Send an inquiry

You will receive an answer during 24h

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