PWA online stores

If you want your store to start working as a mobile application, you’ve come to the right place!

What will you gain from a PWA-based store?


Fast page loading and an impresive interface that looks as if you were using a native application.


Partially Offline Site Availability - Offline customers will be able to view recently loaded content.


Simplified access to the store for all your customers, thanks to abbreviation on the desktop of their device.


Push notifications including order status, promotions, messages from the seller and much more.

What is PWA?

A PWA (progressive web application) is a website that works and looks like an application. To turn it on, you only need a web browser, you can also add a shortcut to it on the screen of your smartphone or computer. The operation of PWA means that you receive messages on your device just like in a standard application and thus enjoy higher conversion than standard online stores.

Your store at PWA

We are building dedicated stores based on any technology, including PWA. We create stores both from scratch and based on your e-commerce. If you care about time, we can create your own store based on a ready platform on Prestashop or another e-commerce engine.


Building a PWA application is much cheaper than building a native application from scratch. The PWA-based store can be easily and quickly updated, and does not need a separate version for iOS and Android. Therefore, the PWA store does not need to be downloaded and installed, but it is enough to enter it via a web browser. The downside of the PWA store is a narrower range of functions than the native application, incl. it does not allow you to define your own gestures to operate the application.

Creating a PWA-based store is only slightly more expensive than creating a traditional online store, but it allows the use comparable to using a native application – without the need to incur significant costs of its creation.

Yes, we can create your PWA-based store on the basis of a store based on most open-source technologies or a dedicated store, as long as it provides the appropriate API. To check if your e-commerce is such a store, write to us.

Yes, you can position PWA applications which cannot be done with a mobile application.

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