What is positioning?

Website positioning is a continuous process that requires  technical knowledge in the field of SEO, the ability to create valuable content and promote the website by acquiring links. All this to increase the website’s visibility in the search engine

Positioning process

1) Defining the client's goals, choosing the type of positioning
2) Website optimization
3) Language profiling of the website
4) Keeping a profile in social media
5) Linking process

Act locally or globally?

Properly conducted local promotion for phrases related to a given location (city or specific area) requires a number of SEO activities. Being present in Google Maps is very important in a local activity, by setting up a business card in Google My Business. In many cases, it is helpful to keep live profiles in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Local SEO is usually focused on one city or area in which the company provides services, e.g. „Architect Krakow” or „Jedrzejów gym”. These phrases direct the search to a specific region, which allows the consumer to find exactly what they are looking for and reach the target group of customers without wasting the budget allocated to promoting the brand.

Global positioning is usually directed to large companies that provide their services or products to clients from all over Poland. In this case, an example of key phrases may be: „winter shoes”, „golden rings”. They appear in the search engine in all cities in Poland. Global positioning requires the use of greater financial outlays and wide-ranging activities, which measurably brings results in the form of reaching a wider audience.

The choice of brand promotion – locally or globally, largely depends on the size of our company and the nature of our business.

Why are valuable links so important?

Link building, called linking is one of the most effective positioning activities and is of great importance in the process of building the visibility of the website. It is the process of getting links to your website. Building a base of links is still very important, and it is not the number of obtained links that counts, but the quality of these links. Search engines treat links to other websites as a kind of “signpost” that redirects to a given site. When arranging the ranking of search results, the algorithm checks the number and pages of links leading to individual websites. Pages with the most high-quality links are rated better and land in higher positions. The quality of links depends on the page on which they were placed. In this case, the best ones will be those that are popular, have high credibility and, as far as possible are as close as possible to the content on our website and the area in which we operate.

Linking should be thoughtful and responsible so as not to raise suspicions about the use of artificial positioning methods. The link sources need to be varied and the link anchors changed to make the profile diverse.

When linking, we pay attention to errors that hinder the work of search engine robots.

Optimizing your site for internal linking is a complicated process. These activities are not the easiest ones and to bring the expected results, specialized knowledge and experience are helpful. Therefore, it is best to leave this matter with a specialist in this field.

The benefits of website positioning


Increasing website traffic

This is one of the most important and first benefits of website positioning, which in the long run allows you to monitor and increase the interest in your offer, which results in the monetization of the website increasing over time.

Increase in visibility

Due to appearing high in the search results, the brand is perceived as trustworthy and professional.

Rack up over the competitiors

Multiplying the chances of the website displaying in natural search results

Reaching the target group of customers

This enables the optimimal use of the budget allocated to promoting the business. Such action enables building a long-term predominance in the competition market. The goal is to reach exactly those people who need our product or service the most.

Increasing your profits

Increasing traffic on the site means increasing the number of potential customers and building the position of an expert in a given field, and the "side effect" is an increase in the income of our business.

Monitoring the results

With the help of professional tools and programs, you can define the key phrases for a given page. This gives the opportunity to rationally draw conclusions from how effective the activities aimed at positioning the website are.

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